Magic Realism – Monika Wlaźniak

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Magic Realism – Monika Wlaźniak

Magic Realism – mystery in art-painting

Magic Realism is a trend difficult to set in bounds; it extends beyond the borders of reality. Apparently a normal world gets intertwined with metaphysics, lightly crosses over to surrealism and extends the limits of imaginations of every spectator. Magic realism has nothing to do with reality. It is a trend that poses questions, causes existential anxiety; it is a dream transferred to canvas. The artists and their visions take over our sub-consciousness, destroy our internal complacency and force us to see the world in a new different way. In Poland the most important representatives of Magic Realism are Karol Bak, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Jacek Yerka , Tomasz Setowski and Jacek (Jack) Lipowczan. Not only Poles appreciate their art. International galleries invite our painters and one has to spend over 20 000 PLN (5 000 Euros) to purchase a single painting.

As the beginning of Magic Realism are considered the twenties of the XX Century. Magic Realism was born in Germany and Carel Willink was his creator. This style of painting was inspired by the metaphysical painting; it has also some affinity to surrealism. The common characteristic is the obliteration of conscious borders of reality by a painting narrator but the magic realism tends to be less abstract. The characteristic details, frequently repeated in the artists works are:  fantastic elements, emotions, symbolism, logic, contrasts, chaotic fusions of figures or time deformation.

In the land of magic

Tomasz Sętowski "Jelaous Queen"As already mentioned, the world depicted in the artists’ paintings is far away from reality. It is based on two elements: nature and the borders of what is known. It discovers many different techniques that give the depicted themes a deeper meaning. At the same time it sets free the mystery that disquietingly penetrate our calm reality; the simple was of accepting the world is replaced by suggestive visions. This art is a secret admiration of the magic and the unconscious entity. It uncovers for us a hidden face, suggests a different interpretation of paintings. In the Magic Realism we have to do with the transference of a boring day to day reality into an exciting story. It is more than a work of art, it is an artist’ expression of Jacek Yerka "Holiday Room"questions and internal battles presented in a different form. The aim of the artist’s monologue is to place us in a world full of puzzles and to force us to broaden our horizons. This style of art is related to surrealism but one cannot say that it is governed by absurdity. It has no inhibitions and each painting is completely cut of from the reality as we understand it. Doubtless, the artists constructing the story in the alternative logic that each of us can interpret at will; mix the events and figures.

Polish canvas magicians

Karol Bąk "Dancer's dream"The artworks of Polish painters are popular all over the world. Each of them presents its own vision that sets the spectator on a unique journey. Karol Bak concentrates on single stories about women. The works of this artist arouse interest and they enchant. His paintings are a glorification and a homage of femininity. His women are depicted as oniric angels or as aggressive ‘femme fatale’. They are wild and as untamed as the nature elements. Bak underlines a complexity of a female nature and in creating a painting he unifies the physical with a psyche. His heroines are beautiful, soulful and ethereal.

On the other hand, the art of Jack Lipowczan is inspired by the Old Masters paintings i.e. Bosch, Bruegel and other Jacek Lipowczan "Pandorra's box"renaissance artists and by Andrzej Majewski (whom he met after finishing his studies) fairy tales scene- design projects. The artist created his paintings among others in Sweden and in Australia; at present he lives and works in Germany. His works are full of colour, geometrical forms and fascinating figures.

Tomasz Setowski with a great perseverance places in his paintings various tower constructions. The buildings mix with people, people with nature and so create a picture full of details, overflowing with energy and colour. Interpretation of his works, – at times demonic, – is a magical journey, is playing with shapes, and is a game into which Setowski sucks us in. His stories may cause surprise, disquiet, indignation but they never let one to be neutral. Whether we want or not, each of his paintings saws a grain of curiosity and a will to understand, it forces us to search for a measure of logic in a depicted world.

The key to understand Magic Realism is to accept the blurred borders of imagination. We should enjoy and play with it and not seriously contemplate the painting, we should accept and feel the magic that artist tries to convey us. Only then we shall find in each painting an unusual logic and the precision of a story. Magic Realism cannot be interpreted as seeing the world from another perspective but as a reality that is on its own magical. The prices of the paintings start at 20 000 PLN and it is worth buying them before they rise. The collectors of Magic Realism know that it is a good investment.

Short memo: magiczni, ale realni artyści w Polsce (alfabetycznie)

Karol BąkKarol Bak (1961) – painter; illustrator; graphic designer. From 1984 – 1989 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (at present ASP-Academy of Fine Arts ) in Poznan , Graphic Design Faculty. He finished his studies with two first class degrees in the Graphic Design,  Atelier of Prof. Tadeusz Jackowski and in Drawing in the Atelier of Prof. Jaroslaw Kozlowski. After his studies he worked in copperplate engravings and in illustrations. At present he devotes himself to painting on canvas and mural art as well as graphic design and interior decoration.  The works of Karol Bak – the only Polish painter – has found its way to the album of Dreamscape 2010, and he was also shown together with a short note about him in the Imaginaire II edition, a publication that presents the Magic Realism international artists. The Artist works and lives in Poznan.

Jacek LipowczanJacek (Jack) Lipowczan – Jali –  born in a Silesian village of Istebna. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the faculty of Graphic Design, Atelier of Prof. Wejman. He obtained his degree in 1976. In 1981 he emigrated from Poland first to Sweden and then to Australia, where he worked as a scene-designer in an American Cartoon Network Film Studio Hanna Barbera in Sydney. The artist after his move to Germany, worked there as graphic designer, Art Director and illustrator in different publishing houses and advertising agencies. Jacek Lipowczan is a member of an international organisation “Society of Art of Imagination” in London, Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Köln e.V and “Syrlin Kunstverein International” e.V Stuttgart. In 2004 he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting and since then takes an active part in the artistic life, exhibiting his works in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Deutschland, Austria, Poland, Denmark and USA.

Tomasz SętowskiTomasz Sętowski – graduate of the Faculty of Art  at the Higher School of Art in Czestochowa. He exhibits successfully in Poland and all over the world. Since 1988 he is present on the American Art Market. In 2005 he begun a cooperation with a New York Gallery – CFM, where his works are exhibited alongside canvases of Salvadore Dali, Leonor Fini and Micheal Parkes. He also presents his achievements in various American galleries i.e in Santa Fe and in San Francisco. The painter also has his own Gallery in Czestochowa that he calls “The Museum of Imagination” The publishing house MUZA S.A published two albums with his works (paintings, drawings, sculptures): in 2000 “Magic Theatre” and in 2005 “Museum of Imagination”.

Jacek YerkaJacek Yerka (1952) (real name –  Jacek Kowalski) graduated in 1976 the Faculty of fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. He specialised in Graphic Design. From 1989 he devoted himself totally to painting. In 1995 he won the important “World Fantasy Award”, he was considered to be the best among the 260 nominated artists. His paintings are used as well in the film industry. American film producers Rene Daalder invited Yerka to work on his new film “Strawberry Fields” where the backgrounds for Yerka paintings create the songs of “THE BEATLES”. For the last 10 years he works as well with the Beverly Hills Gallery. He works and lives in Poland

Monika Wlazniak

Cooperation – Andrzej Haegenbarth

The descriptions and paintings from the artists’ websites have been used in the text: Tomasz Setowski’s -“Jealous Queen”, Jacek Yerka’s  –“Holiday Room”, Karol Bak’s  – “Dancer’s Dream” and Jack Lipowczan’s  – “Pandora’s Box”,

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